Award from the cultural department of Middle Franconia 2019! ?

Leaving your mobile switched off for once…
Strolling around in beautiful Franconia unsuspectingly and all of a sudden being congratulated for a an award – which I know nothing about yet. Fake news?? Mobile switched on again: fact! It’s true!:)
Thanks a lot to the cultural department of Middle Franconia for their award, such a pleasure!
(Photo: Emanuel Klempa)

Jazzfest Bonn and summer break

We had a wonderful time playing the closing concert at Jazzfest Bonn!
What an amazing audience, thanks for the fantastic night at the Telekom Forum! WDR will air a broadcast of our concert on TV, on June 28th at 1:25 AM – prime time, baby!;)

Now we are fully committing to our new album and make use of the summer break for writing, tinkering, rehearsing and conspiring.
We’ll keep you up to date!

Enjoy some sun,?

Monika and band

MRBB @ Lange Nacht der Musik Munich

It was a beautiful long night in Munich!
You can listen to some impressions (and also two pieces we’ve played) here: BR Sweet Spot did some live reporting!
See you soon, our next stop is at Jazzfest Bonn on May 31, come around!

Southern Germany Mini Tour

We had a blast on our mini tour through southern Germany:

Theaterhaus Jazztage Stuttgart and Veitsbronn, thanks for coming!

See you soon, we’re now tinkering with some new song material that we’re already looking forward to presenting to you!

MRBB @ 45. Freiberger Jazztage

Freiberg, thanks for having us!:) We were allowed to play in the worlds oldest (!) municipal theatre! You gave us such a warm hearted welcome, we didn’t want to leave again!
See you soon in Stuttgart or in Franconian Veitsbronn,
Monika and band

MRBB @ Philharmonie Cologne

Cologne, it was our pleasure! Thanks for a spectacular night.
We also had the great honor to meet author Frank Schätzing – naturally, being a team of 20, we didn’t have much trouble “convincing” him to do a selfie with us!:)
Frank Lorentz wrote a wonderful piece for the Welt am Sonntag – here are some of his memories:

“The best thing though, to me, was the music. Played by the Monika Roscher Bigband.”

“[…] she conducted her band and played and sang like I haven’t seen or heard before.”

“Pure magic!”

Springtime awakening 2019 ☀︎

We can’t wait to get on the road again for our 2019 concerts:

27.03.2019 Cologne, Philharmonie, lit.COLOGNE (literature festival)
13.04.2019 Freiberg, Freiberger Jazztage
19.04.2019 Stuttgart, Theaterhaus Jazztage
20.04.2019 Veitsbronn, Halle 96
04.05.2019 Munich, Lange Nacht der Musik, Carl-Orff-Saal
31.05.2019 Bonn, Jazzfest (closing concert)
30.11.2019 Nuremberg, Hubertussaal

We’re looking forward to seeing you! Best,
Monika Roscher Bigband