Big band in the Time of Corona

Dear friends,
our concert at the Philharmonie Munich was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic… as so many other concerts have been. This is a hard blow for us musicians, but we know how to handle rough times… I guess this is our lot;) If you want to support us you can buy a CD, Vinyl or bag at our shop.
Stay healthy!

PS: … and when we hit the road again, we’ll play even louder!;)

Theatre: Woyzeck at Residenztheater Munich

Since its premiere on January 31 Woyzeck is playing at Residenztheater Munich!
The play is directed by Ulrich Rasche and I wrote its live music for bassoon, viola, grand piano, electronics, bass and drums. We have a band that’s really killing it: Alexander Maschke, Mariana Beleava, Josef Reßle, Tadiija Mincic, Heiko Jung and Fabian Löbhard! The cast is amazing too!
If you’d like to have your face melt away, come and watch!:)
Here you can find all scheduled performances.

2020: working on album number three!

Slow food music – or – slow and steady wins the race!:)
Here are some impressions from our last recording sessions. It’s coming together, it’s taking shape! I’m already excited and can’t wait to present you some new pieces, but you have to be patient a little more!

Nuremberg and Regensburg gigs: “Avantgarde rarely is this much fun”

Bigband cyborgess between “8 hallucinating princesses in phospohrescent galaxies” …

We played our final concert of 2019 in Regensburg and it was a special one – thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was our pleasure! Next year we’ll continue working on our new album and playing live for you! We’re looking forward to seeing you and wish you a wonderful transition into the new decade!

Few weeks earlier we played in Nuremberg, two song premieres in the repertoire! We were delighted that Peter Gruner at the Nuremberg newspaper seemed to have enjoyed it: “There is Monika Roscher in front of her 17-piece mammoth band, conducting an overwhelming sound that is so nimbly walking the tightrope between genius and madness, as if all this were nothing more than a sunday stroll.”
Photos: Martin Cseh and Jürgen Petroff

It’s on! Third album in the making! 🎧

In case you wondered why it has become somewhat quiet around us… it has been for a reason! During the last months I withdrew into my rehearsal room and now we moved into the studio – and we can’t wait to tackle our third album!
Here you can see some impressions from the recording process: Tom Friedrich, Ferdinand Roscher, Josef Reßle and Hannes Dieterle – live in action!

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated with little bits here and there!

Award from the cultural department of Middle Franconia 2019! 🌼

Leaving your mobile switched off for once…
Strolling around in beautiful Franconia unsuspectingly and all of a sudden being congratulated for a an award – which I know nothing about yet. Fake news?? Mobile switched on again: fact! It’s true!:)
Thanks a lot to the cultural department of Middle Franconia for their award, such a pleasure!
(Photo: Emanuel Klempa)

Jazzfest Bonn and summer break

We had a wonderful time playing the closing concert at Jazzfest Bonn!
What an amazing audience, thanks for the fantastic night at the Telekom Forum! WDR will air a broadcast of our concert on TV, on June 28th at 1:25 AM – prime time, baby!;)

Now we are fully committing to our new album and make use of the summer break for writing, tinkering, rehearsing and conspiring.
We’ll keep you up to date!

Enjoy some sun,🌼

Monika and band