Fusion Festival, we had an amazing time! ­čÜÇ So much passion for detail – we were psyched!! ­čĺť­čöą There is a “no photo on the dancefloor policy”, so it looks like there was no audience, but there was! A very lovely one! ­čśŐ

We just realized, that our last concert for this year (and next year?) in the Munich region will be happening soon – if you want to see us, better come now!
Next concert:
July 17: Alter Speicher, Ebersberg (close to Munich) (Tickets)

All concerts in 2024:
July 26: Burg-Herzberg-Festival (Tickets)
September 28: Das K, Kornwestheim (Tickets)
November 30: Z-Bau, N├╝rnberg (Tickets)
December 26: Leerer Beutel, Regensburg (Tickets)
December 27: Pavillon, Hannover (Tickets)