Reviews and interviews for our new album “Witchy Activities And The Maple Death” are coming in!

➜ A wonderful English review written by Terry Craven for Velvet Thunder. He has this to say: “Haunting, fragile, powerful and all-encompassing this truly is a work of sheer genius.”

➜ Another UK album review courtesy of Freq Magazin. Mr. Olivetti describes our music like this: “It feels a little like being poked in the chest as someone makes a strenuous point while travelling on a roller coaster.” We couldn’t agree more!

➜ German broadcasting station BR-Klassik made us their album of the month! “Gripping, exquisitely played and idiosyncratic in a modern way.”

➜ We sat down with Fifteen Questions for an in-depth interview.

➜ Independent magazine OUTSIDELEFT did an interview, too!

➜ German prog and art rock magazine “eclipsed” made us their album of the month! For them, we already are a contender for album of the year, calling it a “frenetic fusion of the cosmic kind”

➜ German review hub “” made us their album of the week and awarded 9 out of 10 stars. In their wonderful review they say: “Sounds like a circus troupe that took just the right drugs before the show. This is a masterpiece.”

➜ Public broadcaster podcast BR-Klassik said: “An immensely powerful, urgent and wildly satisfying album”

➜ Berlin broadcaster “Radioeins” did an in-depth talk about the record on the “Soundcheck” podcast – the four participating journalists unanimously awarded a “hit” verdict and celebrated the “unbelievable vigor and freedom” on the record

➜ SWR2, another public broadcaster, had this to say about the music: “deeply sincere, exciting and enchanting”

➜ Süddeutsche Zeitung says that big band music like this is unprecedented, calling it a “Gesamtkunstwerk”

➜ German jazz magazine “Jazzthetik” describes the albums as “a trip through a thousand musical worlds, zappesque in the best sense of the term”