No, this is not us at Abbey Road Studios… this is the village square of Bezau, a lovely little town in Austria! There we played our mild summer nights slot at Bezau Beatz Festival, incorporating the village fountain and church bells to great success: Matthias Schriefl bubbled a refreshing underwater trumpet solo and Hannes Billich went all duet during his piano solo with the church tower clock striking the hour – unfortunately we had to leave both the clock tower and the fountain in Bezau. Saying our goodbyes was hard, we hope to be returning some day! Thanks for everything Alfred, it was amazing!

Lott festival was another highlight!:) Sunshine, camping tents in every colour, right next to the small village of Raversbeuren and bands from all over the world! We seized the chance and made friends with “Yes Sir Boss” (Hello to Bristol!), “Corebeaux” (Salut to France!) and many greetings to Dan of “Skindred” (Cheers to Newport!)!

And since there are almost no pics of our live sound engineer to be found, here’s a pretty series of him and our bass player, trying to out-grimace each other… and failing to do so at the same time.

We went on to Hafensommer Festival in Wurzburg, the last gig of our summer tour. We couldn’t have expected more! You can find some impressions right here (© Foto: Ulf Cronenberg, Würzburg,

So maybe we’ll see each other on September 26 when we are playing at Bluval Festival in Straubing, the next day when we are playing at Kulturhof Langenzenn or on November 3 at the Jazzfest Berlin where it is an incredible honor for us to share the stage with the legend himself, John Scofield! We can’t wait!

Monika and Bigband