✨We are so happy to show you our new single, its video and a 3D-mix! ✨

It’s going to get orchestral, dark, atmospheric and quite a little bit dramatic. Maybe the most intense piece on the new album. I’m so glad that animation artist Patrick Buhr created the music video for this song! There also is a 3D-mix available on Apple Music, created by Peter Brümmer.
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“Starlight Nightcrash” is about the beauty of the natural world as well as its frighteningly destructive power. It was written like a constant breaking of waves with an ebb and flow capable of crushing everything in the blink of an eye. Coincidence holds the reins too: the mangled sounds of a circuit-hacked Casio keyboard flicker through the song. The brutal, the tender, the loving, the destructive, everything is inextricably connected.
Cheers, Monika and Bigband