June is packed!
On Saturday we kicked off our summer tour with an open air concert at Munich Marienplatz, heart and center of the city. But already on Friday we are heading to Berlin, our first time in the capital, to play a double gig (June 22 and 23) at the B-Flat!
For our last summer gig in Munich we will be returning to the wonderful Milla Club, that already hosted us in May. We immediately felt at home there and the acoustics were fantastic, so we are really looking forward to playing there again on June 23!
Once again we are headed north, playing Fusion Festival on June 26! How great is that? Sadly we cannot stay to see some other acts, but Alto Adige Jazz Festival in Italy is waiting, a truly one-of-a-kind festival with loads of fresh and exciting bands doing insane stuff. I already had the chance to visit Bolzano last week, one of our two festival-stops there, and it is such a gorgeous city!
We can’t wait to play all these concerts and hope to see you there!
Monika and Bigband