Zappanale 2018 – Videos!

We played at the wonderful Zappanale this summer – here are some live videos: the first one is our song “Wüste”, where our soprano saxophone player Jan Kiesewetter rips it up!

The second video is “Illusion”, with our key master of enchantment, Josef Reßle, who is introducing the song with a magical solo, and Burning Man Michael Schreiber on tenor saxophone who is setting the stage ablaze fueled by some fired up drumming by Silvan Strauß!:)

The third one is “Terror Tango”. It’s one of my favorites and is about the unnerving constant sonic exposure of today that you can’t escape from. Wonderful solos by Jasmin Gundermann, Jakob Grimm, Alistair Duncan, Leonhard Kuhn and Matthias Lindermayr!

Hubertussaal Nuremberg

It was amazing to play at Hubertussaal Nuremberg again, thanks to everyone who showed up! We played two new pieces, one with an infernal drum and bass battle (Leif and Ferdinand) and we are so happy about the great concert review by Nuremberg Nachrichten …”the most crazy and virtuoso Brass Band around“:)

Zappanale #29

It was a great pleasure to play at Zappanale Festival – „Don’t accept any substitute !“ A Big Thanks to Bad Doberan, an awesome festival, and a wonderful audience! Have a lovely summer, and see you in Nuremberg on Sept.15 at Hubertussaal!

Monika und die Bigband

p.s. Our pianist Josef has a similar beard,…

Fusion Festival 2018

Truelly one of the most inspiring places to be!
Thank you Fusion Festival 2018!!

This was such a pleasure to be part of it and meet so many different people, a variety of music, visual artists and people with great ideas and visions!

This were some beautiful, wild and enchanting days!

Curt interview with a carnival polonaise

This was a great interview with Anders Radlmaier from Nuremberg Curt magazine about Music and Theatre, Politics, Freedom and Arts. There was a super fun moment during the interview when a bunch of people dressed up for carnival came walking through the place like a polonaise, singing and screaming german carnival songs! Photos are by Cris Civitillo.

Curt Interview