Woyzeck in Basel (Switzerland)

On September 15th there was the world premiere of Woyzeck by director Ulrich Rasche.
I was composing the music for this play, for viola, bassoon, piano, bass, and drums.
Three hours of minimal music and one break. Ulrich Rasche created an impressive stage for the play!
If you want to check it out in live, here are the dates.
„Talking opera“ (der neue Markur)
„A mind blowing disgrace“ (Tageswoche.ch)

JazzBaltica Festival

We’re back from JazzBaltica Festival, what a weekend!:)
Here are some impressions, e.g. our great trombone section with Nils Landgren;)
Thanks to the wonderful festival team! Here is a press link. Our train journey was very relaxed, as you can see. And last but not least a small celebration pic with Gregor Hübner, the best teacher in writing music, what a wonderful surprise!:) We will now get ready and prepare to play at Elbphilharmonie on August 26th. Good times.

Crankily creative spectacle!

We had a great time playing concerts in Munich, Burghausen and Stuttgart! Once we were said to be a “crankily creative spectacle” (Burghauser Anzeiger) and even a “force of nature” (Stuttgarter Zeitung)!
Now we are looking ahead to our next concerts: Jazzbaltica Festival in the far north. Nils Landgren already welcomed us via Facebook! We will hit the stage on June 25 at 8pm!

Fall 2017:
22. September Hubertussaal Nuremberg
20. October 41th Leipziger Jazztage
21. October 31st Musikwinter Gschwend

Sunny regards,
Monika Roscher Bigband

Release concerts “Of Monsters and Birds”

After almost one year and a long epic voyage we can finally present our new CD and double LP “Of Monsters and Birds” to you!
We had two overwhelming album release concerts in Munich and Nuremberg, thank you all for making this weekend a blast! Special thanks to the City of Munich and Initiative Musik! The CD/LP is available under “Shop”.
All the best,
Monika Roscher and Bigband
Here some concert impressions:
pictures Ampere © Emanuel Klempa (www.emanuelklempa.de)
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Music video “Illusion”

Here it is… *drumroll* … the music video for „Illusion“! It’s our first high-end blockbuster production! We did all the stunts ourselves, some monsters were unfortunately severely harmed during the making of this video;) Thanks so much Oliver Mohr (director) and Zeno Legner (DOP) and your whole crew! Enjoy!

Video premiere: “Full Moon Theatre”

Our first video for the new album is here! The piece is called FULL MOON THEATRE and you can see us during the recording of OF MONSTERS AND BIRDS at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg. As you can see and hear, we went a little cuckoo in there, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast! This won’t be the last video for the new album, so stay tuned…

Don’t forget to get tickets for our release concert on April 15 at Ampere Munich here!